Church Design in Dallas

Your Choice for Church Design in Dallas

When you’re building a place to bring people together in service and worship, you face challenges that other building owners do not. Churches and gathering halls today need to be physically accessible, they need to be comfortable and climate-controlled, and they need to be humble in concept in design.

The purpose of any church—or any other religious building, for that matter—is service. Trust a commercial architect with experience in designing sacred spaces, not secular spaces. Your grand mall shouldn’t resemble the shopping malls on the outskirts of Dallas—every square foot should be working towards achieving the goals and values you and your congregation have set for one another.

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been operating in the Dallas area for 70 years, and though we’ve grown as an architecture firm, we’ve never lost sight of our founder’s vision to provide the greater Dallas area with places of worship worthy of the people that gather there. We’re still the only commercial architecture firm in Texas dedicated to constructing church buildings and providing the best church designs in the world for our clients.

Church Design Architecture: Trust the Experts

A ‘regular’ commercial architecture firm won’t understand the unique features and elements that go into the design of a church building. Whether you serve Episcopalians, Roman Catholics, or Baptist congregations, you want a company that understands the religious cultures they are helping and how those values need to be represented in the design of your place of worship. Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has designed dozens of churches and religious gathering spaces across the state over our 70 years in business, with several of those located in Dallas. How many commercial architecture firms can claim the same?

Leave the fresh visions and the frills to the retail architects. We deliver quality plans designed to last generations and have a variety of industry partners in our network that are equipped to help you achieve your goals as a parish. Because of our exceptional amount of experience designing churches and overseeing church construction throughout the state of Texas, we’re the clear choice for anyone seeking guidance on how to build a place of worship in Dallas.

Our Values

As a family-owned and operated business that’s achieved success in Dallas over the past three generations, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is dedicated to stewardship of our communities through providing meeting places for folks to gather in celebration of the spirit. We keep our rates reasonable and operate within all federal, state, and municipal laws regarding the construction of nonprofit buildings. You won’t have to choose between your church’s charitable giving and getting a top-quality church design, because we offer some of the lowest rates when compared to our decades of expertise in church design and construction.

Let us show you how we skillfully design church buildings for congregations of all shapes and sizes. Our tasteful and functional designs never detract from the glory of God but still make your congregation feel welcomed. For more information, call us today!