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For nearly 70 years, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been designing commercial spaces in the Dallas area. With so much experience in the field, we are confident that we have the necessary experience to complete the design and execution of your commercial space.

To find out more about what Brown, Brown & Associates Architects can do for your project, call (972) 235-8379 to speak to one of our representatives. We have perfected a meticulous design process to make sure that every client we work with is getting exactly what they want. For more information about this process, continue reading below.

What Is Commercial Architecture?

Before we begin outlining what Brown, Brown & Associates Architects can do for your upcoming project, we must be clear on the definition of commercial architecture to make sure that you are in the right place because designing a residential property is substantially different than designing a commercial one. Making sure that our clients understand the difference between the processes is just our way of assuring satisfaction because we know that no client, no matter what service they are pursuing, wants to feel like they have been led astray. So, in an effort to be as transparent as possible, allow us to outline the difference between residential and commercial architecture so that you can determine right away whether we’re the right team for your upcoming construction or development project.

Residential design is primarily a partnership between the architect and the interior designer. A residential architect will begin the process by making sure that the home is safe and structurally sound. From there, the architect designs a home so that it is not in violation of any building codes or zoning laws while assuring its plumbing and electrical systems are also compliant with safety regulations. Once the basic structure is in place, the interior designer takes over in choosing the textures, colors and layout to make the design as livable as possible. As far as scale and scope go, residential projects are so much easier to accomplish than commercial ones.

Commercial architecture is very similar to its residential counterpart on paper. The architects will draft a design according to a client’s wishes while making sure that the details of the design comply with Dallas’s various building codes, zoning laws and safety regulation. However, commercial buildings are almost always larger than residential projects, which require extra special attention to the safety and structural integrity of the proposed project.

Hiring a firm that specializes in commercial architecture is essential when developing a commercial property because you need to be backed by a team that understands that your commercial space will require greater infrastructure needs. The average home doesn’t need to factor in the need for elevators to allow for freight and people. The average home also doesn’t need to have adequate facilities for visitors and employees. Residential buildings don’t need to use their space smartly to make sure a cafeteria and parking is available to the people using it on a daily basis. These are all elements that will affect the design and how it will be structurally sound, which is why a firm that specializes in commercial architecture is so important.

Not only does a commercial architect need to be aware that a commercial space needs to offer more amenities than the average residential building, there needs to be elements in the design to make the building stand out.

If this all sounds like the services you require, then call (972) 235-8379 today to find out how Brown, Brown & Associates Architects can help you bring your new commercial building to life with our highly specialized commercial architecture services that consistently rate among the best in the Dallas area.

Stock vs. Custom

When it comes to researching local architects for your commercial architectural design, many Dallas building owners go through a time where they consider working with a general contractor and stock building plans instead of also adding an architect to the mix. While a stock business plan may save you a bit of time and money, we can guarantee you will not be completely happy with it in the long-run. Even though your commercial architecture project may not be all that personal to you, you’re still going to have certain requirements that need to be met. And let’s face it—a stock plan was not made to meet those requirements.

At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we will charge you a competitive design fee and work closely with you to figure out all your wants and needs and accomplish all of them.

When you work with our team, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting and have the guarantee that everything will be up to code. Find an architect in Dallas today. Call Brown, Brown & Associates Architects immediately!

Feasibility Studies

Whenever our commercial architecture firm is contracted to design a project, we always begin with a feasibility study. These studies are used to determine the best course of action, weeding out the variables to make sure the plan for your commercial space is profitable. After the study is carried out, we’ll have a better idea of what direction to go in to bring your project to life.

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, we’ll work very closely with everyone involved in the architectural design decisions. While it is one thing to make a “wish list” of what you’d like to see in your commercial architecture, seeing it visually will help you to determine if your ideas really are going to work or not.

The final drawings will show a proposed phase site plan, proposed phase first floor building plan, basic elevations, and the architect’s estimate of probable cost. Once we have our client’s approval, we can move forward.

3D Modeling

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects uses the latest in 3D modeling technology to present the most accurate, real-life renderings of your project. Not only can 3D models be a useful marketing and sales tool, they can also allow you to review every little detail before construction begins so that we can make any necessary modifications to support the design. In doing so, we can minimize costly errors and construction delays.

Design Development

A building’s design may look good on paper, but if mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technology aren’t properly integrated within the design, what good is your design? It needs to function as well as look good. When we reach the design development stage, our commercial architects will work with Dallas’s top engineers to make sure the structural system and grid will be laid out, the foundation type established and critical interactions between structural and mechanical systems are addressed. Once this is done, you will have an approximate cost and will be ready to move forward with the construction of your new commercial space that will be envy of Dallas.

Construction Bidding and Permitting

Once we are ready to begin construction, we must reproduce our plans and specifications for contractors, bid, and submit plans to the city of Dallas and the Texas Accessibility Standards. Plus, we’ll need to finalize banking negotiations. Thanks to our extensive experience building all types of commercial structures, our commercial architects will be glad to help you through this process to make sure that you are getting the best possible service for your money.

Construction Documents and Administration

Bidding and permitting aren’t the only paperwork-heavy tasks when it comes to architectural design! When you embark on the construction of commercial architecture in Dallas there’s a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we’ll define materials, quantities and qualities for bidding and contract data, and ensure that structural and mechanical data is included.

Our team will then be the ones to work with contractors in interpreting the contract documents. This will ensure a smooth construction process every step of the way.

Local Architects for Commercial Spaces

When you need to find an architect in Dallas who can do it all, just give us a call. From our roots creating exciting ministry-driven designs for churches, our nearly 70 years of experience translates into a wide range of commercial spaces.

  • • Office buildings
  • • Industrial spaces
  • • Retail and restaurants
  • • Multi-family
  • • Hotels
  • • Hospitals

Any building or land that is intended to generate a profit through products, services, or rental income falls under the commercial umbrella. Allow us to lend our creativity and extensive experience to your architectural project today.

Office Building Design

There’s no denying that office building design is a long and complicated process. Even the smallest projects must allow for a minimum of four weeks for initial design and consultation. Following this, our plans will need to be submitted and approved by Dallas building officials.

When it comes to commercial vs. residential architectural design, there are some things that remain the same and some that differ. While residential design is highly focused on the relationship between client, architect, and interior designer, commercial architecture must focus on meeting city bylaws.

While a home needs to suit the family living in it, an office building must suit a wide range of management, employees, clients, and customers. The infrastructure needs of these building are great, having to allow for multiple staircases and elevator systems that are all up to code for general safety and potential fire hazards.

At Brown, Brown & Associate Architects, we understand the varied needs from building to building, and are well-versed in building codes and city laws. Rest easy when you trust in our certified team of designers to create your office building. We’ll take you places!

Industrial Design

If safety code compliance is important to office buildings, it increases tenfold when it comes to industrial design. Because of this, having architects who are well-versed in Dallas building codes and industrial construction is absolutely necessary before embarking on a new industrial construction project.

Warehouses, manufacturing buildings, storage spaces, and data storage centers all have very different purposes but will need the same level of research and in-depth design work put into them.

Brown, Brown & Associate Architects employs only the most dedicated architects to work on industrial projects. By hiring our architectural services you’ll guarantee a build that is safe from start to finish, with results that will stand up to inspection for years to come.

Retail and Restaurant Design

Do you need to find an architect in the Dallas area who knows retail or restaurants well? Then you’ve come to the right place. For 70 years, our talented, educated, and experienced commercial architecture professionals have been creating retail and restaurant spaces that are enjoyable to management, staff, and customers.

Retail or restaurant space for small business owners needs to have a personal touch, and we’re happy to work closely with our clients to provide that.

And, if you’re the owner of a chain we are able to work under the strict guidelines necessary to ensure that your structure is created equally to the others of its kind around the country.

The architectural services you invest in with Brown, Brown & Associate Architects is based on a personalized approach that treats all clients like the unique individuals they are. Strict and coded or a little more creative and out there? We can do it all. Commercial architecture is our passion, and we’re looking forward to helping you achieve your architectural goals.

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