Commercial Architect in Fort Worth

Living in Fort Worth has many benefits. We’re part of one of the most vibrant cities in America, and as a result, every day people relocate here to take full advantage of all the economic opportunities the city offers.

For business owners, this influx of new residents represents exciting potential. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to stake your claim and disrupt traditional industries or an established player who wants to open a second or third location, your business dreams can be made possible with the help of a qualified commercial architecture firm.

Home architecture and architecture for businesses are different fields. It’s important to find the right partner for your architecture services to be sure your business’s building design needs are met.

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has served Texans for over 70 years. While our specialty lies in church and ministry architecture, we have years of experience providing architectural services to all manner of clients. If you have a dream that needs an architect—call us!

Restaurant Architecture

Owning your own restaurant or bar is the ultimate goal of upstart chefs and servers everywhere, and our city is blessed with the presence of one of the greatest culinary scenes in the country.

But there’s more to starting a restaurant than buying a commercial oven and throwing it in your kitchen! When you’re looking to impress your guests from the moment they walk in the door, trust the first names in restaurant architecture in the DFW metropolitan area.

From accent walls to functional storage basements to built-in brick ovens, we realize culinary spaces for work and play for clients from all walks of life.

Retail Architecture

If you think about it, America’s malls are the connective tissue that holds the economy of this country together. And retail workers are the individual blood cells that keep our industries strong and healthy. If you’re looking to build your first flagship brick-and-mortar location, or you’re looking to capitalize on the growing Fort Worth suburban development by building a new mall or other retail property, there’s no name in town to trust other than Brown, Brown & Associates Architects. While we specialize in congregation and chapel architecture, we’re one of top architecture firms in Texas and can handle any commercial building design project, no matter how large or small it may be.

Office Spaces and Other Commercial Buildings

Trends come and go, but good design will stick around the entire life of your building. And we would know—we’ve been handling building design for our clients for nearly three generations!

Find an architect that can offer advice while respecting your vision and your budget. The design of offices and other commercial spaces differ from home architecture. With lives and livelihoods at stake, you want to make sure the job is done right and guaranteed.

Three Most Common Questions About Commercial Architects Asked in the Fort Worth Area

If you’re wondering what sets Brown, Brown & Associates Architects apart from our competitors, it’s that we’re the oldest and most established commercial architecture firms in the area. But as most Fort Worth residents go long periods without ever running into a commercial architect, if you’ve found this page, you might have a few questions to consider! Take a look at this guide we’ve put together and give us a call if you have a question that needs to be answered.

What Do Commercial Architects Do?

A commercial architect does the exact same thing a residential architect does. They measure, design, and oversee the construction of commercial buildings to make sure they’re up to code and safe for their owners and residents.

This involves special training to account for commercial buildings’ needs that regular buildings don’t have. You need extensive heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings, as well as fire exits, accessibility ramps, and multiple different exits and entrances.

What Should a Commercial Architect Cost?

Commercial architects are often paid more for jobs than residential architects are, because the fact of the matter is that designing commercial architecture needs a larger team to get the job done right. And each one of those individual team members requires years of education and training.

No matter which way you look at it, you will be paying more, but you’ll also be receiving much more value in terms of the work done. That’s the cost of doing business and building a financial legacy for you and your loved ones.

How to Find a Commercial Architect

This part is easy—you’ve already found one! Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been the top-rated commercial architecture firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area for over 50 years. That’s right— we’re a family-run business that started from humble beginnings and has grown into a trusted institution you can depend on.

So whatever your commercial architecture needs are, if you’re looking for commercial building design, be sure to call us. As one of the oldest top architecture firms in the country, you’ll find our experience and expertise second-to-none in the state of Texas. Go ahead and bookmark this page—we’ll be regularly updating it with news and questions about commercial architecture we receive from our customers.

Can’t Find an Architect? Call Us Today!

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been serving the Fort Worth area for over 70 years. Our rich history is a testimony to our willingness to work with clients to realize their visions.

When you call to make an appointment, bring your enthusiasm and your passion as a small business owner and we’ll bring our years of dedicated expertise and experience. We’re always happy to sit down with our clients and discuss their needs in detail and see if a financial partnership is a good fit.

Plus, you can call to inquire with no obligation to follow up. It’s our way of taking the pressure off so that you can make the best choice for your business. But with 70 years in the business, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is the right choice for you.