Children's Wings in Dallas

Often in the past the most robust children’s wings were adorned as great moments in Scripture sometimes outfitted as Noah’s Ark the Temple Mount or other great spaces. The problem with these was very often the church would grow tired of them and yet will be stuck with these tremendous investments for decades after the allure of worn off.

While we love doing great spaces we also try to utilize light in technology to project themes that can be easily changed updated and upgraded. We find this helps keep the energy level high. Great churches know that children are the one demographic you have to reach. It used to be that parents selected a church and children were forced to go. Now younger parents will absolutely select the church that caters to their needs of their children and then they will find a way to fit in.

Many denominational churches are having a difficult time reaching this demographic. Our specialization allows us to help churches ministry to children in dynamic and incredible ways. Modern children are technologically savvy and they expect the church to be up-to-date and cutting-edge.

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