Commercial Architect in Fort Worth

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is a full-service commercial architecture firm that specializes in the design and engineering of churches but is glad to help you with just about any commercial project.

For over 70 years now, the company has been passed down from generation to generation and hasn't lost its signature touch—we've only gotten better! Our timeless expertise, our attention to detail, and our utmost dedication to customer satisfaction are sure to create results that exceed your expectations.

For the very best in commercial architecture, get in touch with the experts now at (214) 403-2063!


Custom Commercial Architecture Design

When it comes right down to it, effective communication between client and architect is paramount. During a preliminary consultation, we'll sit and discuss what your needs and expectations are for your commercial build. We want to be on the same page as you before getting started.

Once we figure out a game plan together, our design team will use the latest digital software to create 3D renderings, blueprints, and detailed models. We'll ask you for feedback and adjust designs accordingly, and we'll also get the input of structural engineers to make sure our designs fully comply with building, fire, and health and safety regulations. By the end of this process, we'll have it exactly right and ready for construction.

Rest assured, we go with what works with your preferences and your budget, and we're always able to provide you with a free estimate at the onset, so you know what to expect.

A Full-Service Commercial Architect Firm

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects works hard to provide a seamless architecture service from start to finish. Once the designs have been finalized and approved, we'll get a trusted team of contractors to bring your visions to life. We're experts in project management, and we'll ensure everything is going well and according to schedule. Whether it's a simple or elaborate structure, we're the local commercial architects that can do it all. We can help with any of the following types of projects:

  • Churches
  • Community Centers
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Sports and Leisure Facilities
  • … and much more!

And if ever you have any questions or concerns about our architecture, get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to meet with you. We have an extensive portfolio of work to show for, and we're always looking forward to working on a new project.

Licensed and Experienced Commercial Architects

Our firm's president, J. Hardy Brown, has a master's in architecture from Texas A&M, and has lots of experience in the architecture industry, working under his grandfather's wing for over 8 years and working alongside his father for over 12. Having taken over the firm, he leads a team of talented and driven architects with certifications from notable educational institutions.

Our team of architects is fully equipped to design and construct any sort of commercial building exactly to your liking. They are professional, prompt, and very easy to work with. Taking the stress off your shoulders and handling everything, they'll be sure to make the whole process a breeze for you.

Fort Worth's Go-To Commercial Architect

Living in Fort Worth has many benefits. We’re part of one of the most vibrant cities in America, and as a result, every day people relocate here to take full advantage of all the economic opportunities the city offers.

For business owners, this influx of new residents represents exciting potential. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to stake your claim and disrupt traditional industries or an established player who wants to open a second or third location, your business dreams can be made possible with the help of a qualified commercial architecture firm.

Home architecture and architecture for businesses are different fields. It’s important to find the right partner for your architecture services to be sure your business’s building design needs are met.

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has served Texans for over 70 years. While our specialty lies in church and ministry architecture, we have years of experience providing architectural services to all manner of clients. If you have a dream that needs an architect—call us!

A Commercial Architecture Firm That Respects Your Budget

Our goal with our commercial architectural rendering services is to help our clients design their ideal structure while also putting as much of their budget as possible toward the actual construction. Our affordable services and intelligent approach to commercial architecture design ensure that you can stretch your funds as far as possible and get the most bang for your buck with your project.

No Compromises with Your Commercial Architecture Design

We never take our responsibilities as an architectural firm lightly. We promise never to treat your construction project lightly and will do everything we can to help you create something remarkable. Our architects will work hard to incorporate all of your design requirements into the final render and make sure that you don't have any regrets with your new structure.

Local Commercial Architects with a History of Excellence

Throughout our time in business, we have always been committed to providing our best work. We treat every project with the full extent of our professional knowledge and resources, ensuring that we can feel proud about the work we deliver and that our clients get the results they want.

We have been proud to maintain a solid track record over the years and have established a strong reputation in the local area, so we encourage you to give us a try if you have a building project in mind.

Accommodating Architects at Your Service

We strive to provide our clients with a positive experience from start to finish. You will find that we prioritize open communication and give everyone that we work with the respect they deserve. We want to know if there is any way that we can make our services more beneficial for your situation, and we will do everything we can to implement them into our process.

Keep Your Project on Schedule with Our Architecture Firm

Our commercial building architecture is always provided without delay. We make sure that we establish a timeline for your project early on and then work hard to stick to it. We understand that construction requires careful coordination and lots of moving parts, which is why we do everything in our power not to hold things up with our work.

Modern Design Techniques for Your Commercial Architecture

No matter what you are trying to achieve with your new structure, you can count on our team to be a valuable resource along the way. We work hard to stay at the forefront of the architectural industry and provide our clients with up-to-date services. With our in-depth knowledge, you can always feel confident in our ability to design you a perfect building.

Get Inspired by Our Commercial Architecture

If you would like to get a better idea of what is possible with our services, we invite you to check out our showcase. Here you will find many high-quality examples of our past work, which we believe highlights our dedication to our work. You can expect the same exceptional results whenever you hire us, so call today to get started.

Church Architecture

One of the hallmarks of our business at Brown, Brown & Associates is our designing of churches. We are proud to oversee the creation of sanctuaries, chapels, and gathering places.

At Brown, Brown & Associates, we believe in the tremendous power of churches. Not only do they serve as beacons for building and renewing one’s faith, but they become important community meeting places and encourage togetherness.

We specialize in spaces that are not only large in scale, but also highly ornate and detailed. The artistic and creative aspects of church design and architecture is what compels us to create these inspiring spaces.

Whether your church is an existing building in need of extension or renovation, or whether it’s a new structure all-together, Brown, Brown & Associates has the services you need. We work closely alongside ministers and pastors, gaining a sense of what they value most in a church and the features they’d like to highlight.

Working with an amazing array of colors, shapes, and designs, we can help you create a glorious space that will an inspirational experience to all that gather there. Our services also include state-of-the-art visual and acoustic technology, guaranteed to add an incredible effect to any worship space.

Church architecture is a highly involved, precise, and all-encompassing form of architecture that is greatly different from residential and commercial. Brown, Brown & Associates is very proud to be Fort Worth’s foremost church architect and design consultant.

Browse through our portfolio to view just some of the spectacular churches we’ve had the privilege of helping to create!

Modular Stages and Chancels

The front of the church is a highly important place, being the location for music, worship, and central gathering. Brown, Brown & Associates designs a variety of chancels and modular stages to blend in perfectly with your church building.

While many prefer the traditional design of the chancel, many modern churches now include modular stages. These are easily assembled and disassembled, and include LED backlighting. The modular stages can be finished both in traditional wood and modern metal designs.

Depending on the needs of your church and congregation, we will design the perfect chancel for your church building.

Church Additions

As church sizes and purposes change, there often comes a time when an addition to the church is necessary.

As a specialist in church additions, Brown, Brown & Associates has the resources to design the ideal extension for your church. We will closely observe your church’s original design, creating a new space that perfectly complements your existing structure.

We create additions for a large variety of purposes, including education wings, children and youth wings, daycare and nursery space, and administration areas.

Brown, Brown & Associates is proud to work closely along ministry consultants, addressing all the various matters connected with a religious community. This way, we are able to design churches perfectly suited to their purposes.

Audiovisual Technology for Churches

Brown, Brown & Associates offers a wide variety of technology solutions, designed to enhance and simplify your worship.

We can transform your church with acoustical, visual, and lighting technology that will thrill and awe your congregants. Our systems are designed with durability and ease of use in mind.

Restaurant Architecture

Owning your own restaurant or bar is the ultimate goal of upstart chefs and servers everywhere, and our city is blessed with the presence of one of the greatest culinary scenes in the country.

But there’s more to starting a restaurant than buying a commercial oven and throwing it in your kitchen! When you’re looking to impress your guests from the moment they walk in the door, trust the first names in restaurant architecture in the DFW metropolitan area.

From accent walls to functional storage basements to built-in brick ovens, we realize culinary spaces for work and play for clients from all walks of life.

Retail Architecture

If you think about it, America’s malls are the connective tissue that holds the economy of this country together. And retail workers are the individual blood cells that keep our industries strong and healthy. If you’re looking to build your first flagship brick-and-mortar location, or you’re looking to capitalize on the growing Fort Worth suburban development by building a new mall or other retail property, there’s no name in town to trust other than Brown, Brown & Associates Architects. While we specialize in congregation and chapel architecture, we’re one of top architecture firms in Texas and can handle any commercial building design project, no matter how large or small it may be.

Office Spaces and Other Commercial Buildings

Trends come and go, but good design will stick around the entire life of your building. And we would know—we’ve been handling building design for our clients for nearly three generations!

Find an architect that can offer advice while respecting your vision and your budget. The design of offices and other commercial spaces differ from home architecture. With lives and livelihoods at stake, you want to make sure the job is done right and guaranteed.

Three Most Common Questions About Commercial Architects Asked in the Fort Worth Area

If you’re wondering what sets Brown, Brown & Associates Architects apart from our competitors, it’s that we’re the oldest and most established commercial architecture firms in the area. But as most Fort Worth residents go long periods without ever running into a commercial architect, if you’ve found this page, you might have a few questions to consider! Take a look at this guide we’ve put together and give us a call if you have a question that needs to be answered.

What Do Commercial Architects Do?

A commercial architect does the exact same thing a residential architect does. They measure, design, and oversee the construction of commercial buildings to make sure they’re up to code and safe for their owners and residents.

This involves special training to account for commercial buildings’ needs that regular buildings don’t have. You need extensive heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings, as well as fire exits, accessibility ramps, and multiple different exits and entrances.

What Should a Commercial Architect Cost?

Commercial architects are often paid more for jobs than residential architects are, because the fact of the matter is that designing commercial architecture needs a larger team to get the job done right. And each one of those individual team members requires years of education and training.

No matter which way you look at it, you will be paying more, but you’ll also be receiving much more value in terms of the work done. That’s the cost of doing business and building a financial legacy for you and your loved ones.

How to Find a Commercial Architect

This part is easy—you’ve already found one! Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been the top-rated commercial architecture firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area for over 50 years. That’s right— we’re a family-run business that started from humble beginnings and has grown into a trusted institution you can depend on.

So whatever your commercial architecture needs are, if you’re looking for commercial building design, be sure to call us. As one of the oldest top architecture firms in the country, you’ll find our experience and expertise second-to-none in the state of Texas. Go ahead and bookmark this page—we’ll be regularly updating it with news and questions about commercial architecture we receive from our customers.

Can’t Find an Architect? Call Us Today!

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been serving the Fort Worth area for over 70 years. Our rich history is a testimony to our willingness to work with clients to realize their visions.

When you call to make an appointment, bring your enthusiasm and your passion as a small business owner and we’ll bring our years of dedicated expertise and experience. We’re always happy to sit down with our clients and discuss their needs in detail and see if a financial partnership is a good fit.

Plus, you can call to inquire with no obligation to follow up. It’s our way of taking the pressure off so that you can make the best choice for your business. But with 70 years in the business, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is the right choice for you.