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When the time comes to turn an idea for new construction into a reality, the first step is consulting talented and experienced architects. There are few architectural firms in McKinney as celebrated as Brown, Brown & Associates Architects. Boasting years of combined professional experience, our illustrious portfolio continues to grow as we’re consulted on complex and innovative building projects throughout the area.

No matter the scale of your project, we’re confident we can bring your architectural dreams to life. We extend our design services to clients of all distinctions, but while the clients might change from project to project, we always design with our community in mind.

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Your Preferred Commercial Architect

Our highly skilled and creative commercial architects design buildings that offer tailor-made spaces for your commercial purposes. Structures we create might include office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, or restaurants—the list goes on and on.

More than just hired professionals, we’re diligent long-term partners who work closely with our clients. We do so because we want to understand their needs and create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that meet their requirements.

Over the course of a commercial construction project, we’re generally responsible for the following phases:

  • Consulting with clients regarding their vision
  • Gathering detailed research into locations and local permits
  • Drafting blueprints for clients and builders
  • Creating detailed building plans
  • Selecting building materials and fixtures
  • …and much more

Our approach ensures that the final structure meets all applicable safety codes and standards. While drafting blueprints and overseeing construction, we take numerous other factors into consideration, such as energy efficiency, accessibility, and the environmental impact of designs. Working with our architects ensures that your new building comes to fruition without issue, as our in-depth and detailed planning process covers every eventuality and takes care of every concern.

Diligent Approach to Architectural Drafting

Our drafting process involves the creation of technical drawings that accurately depict the dimensions, layout, and materials to be used in a building. More than just guesswork, we use advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software and other tools to create detailed plans, including floor plans and elevations to structural details and electrical and plumbing layouts.

These drawings provide essential information for contractors and other stakeholders, ensuring that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of the design and can work together efficiently. Drafting is a critical component of successful commercial architecture projects—and that is just another reason why you should work with our architects. We take a meticulous approach to the drafting process, ensuring you’re able to visualize your building’s concept before ground is broken.

Aiding the Site Selection Process

Our architects are here to provide as much or as little insight as your team requires. While some projects already have a site selected, other project managers look to us for professional input on a location. When we design a building, we do so with a specific environment and surrounding in mind, which is why we place such importance on the site selection process.

Our architects work closely with developers and real estate agents to assess potential sites and evaluate their suitability for the intended use. Factors such as zoning restrictions, site access, and environmental concerns are carefully considered to determine the feasibility of a given location.

Additionally, our local architects may provide input on the site's potential for design and construction, including the ability to accommodate specific building layouts, materials, and technologies. Our involvement in the site selection process ensures that the chosen location is optimal for achieving your goals and objectives.

Architectural Services to Bring Your Vision to Life

We’re the celebrated architects who take your architectural dreams and turn them into a reality. We offer a full range of architectural services, from conceptual design and feasibility studies to construction administration and project management. When it comes to the business of architecture, there is nothing we can’t do for our clientele. Our meticulous, in-house approach makes all the difference during the consultation and design phases.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified commercial architects will work closely with you to understand your requirements. We craft bespoke solutions that meet our client’s design requirements in every aspect, from their preferences to community guidelines and the needs of the building’s future inhabitants. Whether you’re looking to develop a new office block, shopping center, or residential development, we have the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Skilled and Organized Project Managers

We’re commercial architects who excel as project managers. Working with us ensures you have a dedicated team overseeing your project from conception to completion. Our hands-on approach and ability to honor long-term professional commitments make all the difference on multi-tiered, expansive projects.

Our experience with a variety of project types, including office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities, gives us a well-rounded perspective that benefits our clients. We understand the challenges and opportunities that each project presents, and we work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is realized.

Our goal is to provide quality architectural services that exceed our client’s expectations, and we’ve succeeded on this front time and time again. If you would like to learn more about our services, please schedule a consultation.

Complete Line of Architectural Services

As one of the leading architectural firms operating in McKinney, we at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects take what we do very seriously. Our commitment to providing an architectural service like no other means that we can deliver real and lasting results for all our clients in McKinney.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of architecture, we provide a complete line of architectural services for projects if all sizes. This extends from small to large scale commercial construction projects. Our team of highly qualified and professional architects work closely with our engineers and administrative assistants to create a diverse range of commercial projects that best meet your business’s needs.

So, if you are looking to extend your current premises or want to create a new building from scratch, then you need to contact Brown, Brown & Associates Architects today and let us help you.

Looking To Hire an Architect in McKinney? Find the Best Commercial Building Architect for New Business Construction

You have a passion for what you do. Long hours spent poring over quarterly earnings figures and financial projections turn into early mornings pounding pavement and cold-calling potential new clients. Before you ever made your first sale, you sold you dream to yourself, brought your friends and family on board, and hustled hard to build your initial network and attract investors.

Every budding business begins with hard work and dedication. The next step? Partnering with local architecture firms to turn that one-person-outfit into an empire. That requires office space or flagship retail locations. And unlike day-to-day operations, this isn’t something you can delegate to a trusted manager or handle yourself.

When you are looking to expand your dreams beyond the limit of your current container, you need the skills and services of a commercial building architect with proven experience in McKinney and beyond. Building a commercial building can be a slow and time-consuming process, but with the right commercial architecture experts, your big new development can come in on time and on budget.

From Blueprints to Breaking Ground

If you need to hire an architect that will be with you every step of the way, we win bids for projects both large and small. We have trusted local partners that we can recommend for your contracting and construction needs, or we can work in tandem with a team you’ve hand-picked yourself.

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is one of the state’s best local architecture firms, and we take pride in the talented team we’ve assembled over our years in the commercial architecture industry. Whether you need a new place of worship (our specialty) or any other sort of business location built, we go the extra mile to ensure everything is done according to your exact specifications.

We have proven experience in design for the following commercial building types:

  • • Churches, ministries, fellowships, and places of worship
  • • Doctors’ offices, medical clinics, diagnostic and imaging centers, private and public healthcare facilities
  • • Grand malls, outlets, and other retail locations
  • • Restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and preparation kitchens

Architectural Design Consultants

Our commercial architects invest a great deal of time into the design and consultation stages of the project. This is to ensure that the final product meets our clients' specific needs and requirements. We understand that every business is different, and as such, we tailor our architectural services to suit each one accordingly.

We consider aspects like the size and nature of the business, the functional requirements of the building, its aesthetic messaging, and its location. All of these factors play a role in dictating the space's overall design. Our commercial architects have a wealth of experience in designing all sorts of commercial spaces, so you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

We have a proven history of excellent commercial architecture all across McKinney. Which is why we’re the number one choice for consulting if your company wants a second opinion on an existing project or if you are tendering a bid on a public-private-partnership.

Our uncompromising values and dedication to our faith and our craft make us the most reliable and dependable architecture consultants in the state of Texas. If you need to hire an architect along any point of the design and construction process, give us a call.

With You Every Step of the Way

At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we know that deciding to extend or start a commercial construction project can be an extremely daunting experience. That is why when you consult with and invest in our architectural service, you can rest assured that you will have a tried and trusted professional service that will be with you every step of the way.

Our architectural approach seeks to provide and integrate practical solutions to your business by the integration of a range of services including:

  • Project conception
  • Schematic design
  • Project development
  • Construction documents
  • Feasibility studies
  • 3D modeling and presentation media
  • Contract preparation

Three Reasons Why You Must Hire an Architect

In recent years, there has been a greater appreciation of the role that an architect can play in the creation of commercial projects in McKinney. Three benefits of investing in an architectural firm for your commercial construction project include the following important points:

  1. See the Big Picture: Unlike a draughtsman or a family friend who has an interest in architecture, a skilled and certified architect possesses the training to produce a detailed design that is based on your business’s unique range of needs and wants. An architect can see the wood from the trees and create a building that is sensitive to the architecture of your existing commercial space and is scaled to the proper proportions. However, the real asset of using an architect from Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is that we can develop and refine a vision of your completed project before a brick is even laid.
  2. Take Care of Paperwork: When most people think of architects, they often picture the esthetics of a building, it’s size, shape and finished surfaces. However, behind the pretty faces are the skeletal bones of a building that include planning permission, building codes and the meeting of structural demands. We make sure that all these important boxes are checked.
  3. Oversee the Job: Once the design process of your commercial process is complete, our architects at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects are always around to answer any other questions you may have and help wherever it is needed.

Partner with a Forward-Thinking Commercial Architecture Firm

As an industry-leading commercial architecture firm, we believe in setting the bar high. That means we offer a full suite of professional services tailored to suit your needs. From understanding local building regulations and permitting requirements to creating a space that will hold value well into the future, we’re the experts who will bring your vision to life. So, rest assured your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Connect with us today to start planning your next commercial build.

Value-Driven Commercial Architect Fees

Each building we create is as unique as the people who inhabit them. Our commercial architect fees are based on passing the savings on to you. During a consultation with our experts, we will listen to your needs and work with you to produce the best building plans to match your budget. Our reputation is built on developing long-term relationships with you. Ask us how we can streamline your next building project and save you time and money. Give us a call now.

Architecture and Office Building

Your staff is one of your companies most valuable assets. The choices you make in office design can impact workflow and morale. We can help you maximize productivity and space, allowing your employees the opportunity to work in a synergistic environment customized to the needs of your business. Make sure to partner with an office building architecture specialist who can deliver actionable building plans that will add value to your investment for years to come. We’d love the opportunity to sit down and discuss your vision with you. Make an appointment with our consultants today.

Best-Rated Commercial Architects in the City

We take great pride in our reputation for being the best-rated commercial architects in the city. Our focus on developing long-term relationships with you is just one of the things that really sets us apart from other architecture companies. Understanding the needs of your organization allows us to build sustainable solutions for businesses of all types. Find out more about our cost-saving initiatives during a consultation with our top design team. When you work with us, we guarantee:

  • Innovative design ideas
  • Safety and efficiency built into every building design
  • Adherence to all building codes and permitting requirements
  • In-depth knowledge of best building practices
  • A dedicated team of architectural specialists

Connecting you with the building that will drive your business forward is our specialty. Call us now to set up an appointment to consult with our team.

Invest in an Experienced Commercial Building Architect

When you stop to admire some of the local buildings, do you ever wonder who designed them? Chances are you have already seen some of our work. Investing in an experienced commercial building architect will give you the edge you need to succeed while moving your build forward on time and on budget. So, allow us to take the reigns and design the building your company will flourish within. Please give us a call to book an appointment to consult with the city’s best. We’re looking forward to building with you.

Hire The Best Local Commercial Architects

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is McKinney’s top resource for high-quality, affordable commercial architecture. Our team is always excited to begin working on a new project—we consistently look forward to helping prospective clients turn their building concepts into tangible, concrete reality.

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