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With over 70 years of experience serving as one of Dallas' leading architecture firms, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is the team you have been looking for. Our communicative and collaborative approach gives us the unique ability to make your vision a reality. With a huge portfolio of incredible work—much of which you can visit yourself throughout the area—it's no surprise that we are the trusted architect for commercial and church architecture.

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Consult with a Professional Architect

You need a building designed for a specific purpose. You have your budget, and you have your idea. Now you need to find the right architect. You need to find an architect with a proven track record for innovative and impressive designs. An architect with vision but also practicality. An architect that designs for durability and ROI. You need the architects at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects.

At your first meeting with us, we'll go over all the basics with you. Not only do we want to learn about you, but this is also your chance to interview us. From questions regarding our sustainability practices to our relations with municipal building councils, we will answer everything honestly and openly.

Above all, we aim at open, upfront, and honest communication. Collaboration is the key to designing innovative and functionally sound buildings that meet your needs. Call now.

The Architects with a Plan

Finding the right architect for your project involves a lot more than simply designing. You need to find a team that you know you can work with in the long term. You need a team you can trust to deal with all the variables that go into design and construction.

We take planning just as seriously as execution. We take the time necessary to work with you to understand your ideas and your concerns. It's all about the details. We will take care of everything for you.

Our architectural services include a range of practical services, including:

  • Project conceptualization
  • Blueprint drafting
  • Project development
  • Feasibility studies
  • 3D modeling
  • Contract preparation
  • Other documentation

We Specialize in Community-Driven Commercial Architecture

At the heart of our architectural practice lies a deep commitment to community-driven commercial architecture. We firmly believe that successful commercial spaces should not only meet business needs but also enrich the communities they serve.

Our approach seamlessly integrates sustainability, creativity, and innovation into every blueprint we create. By carefully analyzing the local context and engaging stakeholders, we design spaces that harmonize with the surrounding environment and cater to the unique aspirations of the community.

Architectural Follow-Ups Prior to and During Construction

Once the blueprints and drafting work has been completed and approved, we will continue to work with you through the construction phase. We have an excellent track record for working with general contractors, city officials, and construction managers. We are proud to be responsive and are available to make site visits during the construction process.

Contractors love working with us because we can speak their language. In part, this comes from decades of experience working on construction sites. But it also comes down to our unique ability to respond to criticism and simplify complex ideas for non-professionals. Our clients often have no experience with architecture, and yet they understand everything we explain.

Choose the architecture and design company that puts clients first. Call us now for a consultation.

Timely Architectural Services

With a far-reaching background in the field spanning 70+ years, we are keenly aware of the unique time challenges within the construction sector. We recognize that every stage of construction, from concept to completion, depends on a timely succession of events. At our firm, all our in-house services are performed with maximum efficiency and attention to detail. We've perfected our office's intake and processing procedures to minimize downtime at every turn. When you come to us with a request, we pledge to complete it within the shortest delay. Assisted by state-of-the-art computer software and secure online document transfer platforms, our architectural services travel to your hands at lightning speeds.

We will clearly map out all our timelines in the contract we establish with you. You'll be able to see precisely when each stage of our work will be ready. Rest assured, we honor our commitments and will have the finished product prepared as stated.

A Concentration on Church Architecture

Our roots in church architectural services stretch back to our firm's inception in 1946. Most of the firm's early work was for local churches, and thus our reputation spread throughout the community until we became the leading specialist in church projects. In 1991, as the majority of our client base continued to be churches, our firm transitioned to a formal concentration on religious buildings and church design-builds.

We leverage four generations of experience in this niche field. As a result, we've worked on all aspects of church design, including, but not limited to:

  • Sanctuary design
  • Chapel design
  • Nursery spaces
  • Youth wings
  • Audio-visual design
  • Gathering spaces
  • Administration spaces
  • And more

Build a place of worship that seamlessly combines function and form. Create a space that inspires awe while simultaneously offering practical areas conducive to your church's activities and gatherings. Our firm is uniquely positioned to assist.

We invite you to explore our gallery page and browse the photos of some of our completed projects. If you have an inquiry concerning your church, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

New Church Building Design

Our team of expert architects is dedicated to guiding you in selecting the ideal church building design that perfectly aligns with your congregation's needs and aspirations. With a deep understanding of religious architecture and a commitment to creating sacred spaces, our architects will collaborate closely with your clergy and congregation to discern your unique vision.

We'll carefully consider many elements, including worship style, community engagement, and liturgical planning to craft a design that fosters a spiritually enriching environment. From traditional and historic styles to contemporary and sustainable approaches, we offer diverse options to suit your preferences.

Our expertise and local experience ensure that your church building becomes a sanctuary of worship, unity, and inspiration for generations to come.

Church Interior and Exterior Design

Our architectural services offer a bespoke approach to crafting exceptional church interior and exterior designs tailored to your congregation's unique identity and spiritual goals. From the grandeur of conventional aesthetics to the innovation of more current styles, we provide a full spectrum of design choices.

Whether you seek to preserve historical elements or embark on a transformative modernization, our experts skillfully integrate sacred art, symbolism, and meaningful spatial planning. With a focus on creating serene worship spaces, we consider acoustics, lighting, and sustainable practices.

Our commitment to delivering excellence ensures that your church becomes a sacred sanctuary, fostering spiritual connection and inspiring community growth.

Church Building Codes

Church building codes in Dallas play a crucial role in ensuring the safety, accessibility, and compliance of religious structures with local regulations.

These codes encompass various aspects, including:

  • Structural integrity
  • Fire safety
  • Occupancy limits
  • Accessibility

Dallas follows the International Building Code (IBC), which sets standards for construction, materials, and design. Additionally, churches must adhere to zoning ordinances that dictate where religious buildings can be located within the city.

By diligently adhering to these codes, we help congregations in Dallas create secure and welcoming places of worship that prioritize the well-being and inclusivity of their congregants and community.

Church Accessibility

Church accessibility plays a pivotal role in serving the vibrant and diverse community of Dallas, Texas. By ensuring that religious spaces are easily accessible to all individuals-regardless of their physical abilities-churches foster inclusivity and create a welcoming environment for worship and community engagement.

Let our architectural specialists help you implement accessible features like:

  • Ramps
  • Elevators
  • Designated parking spaces

This proactive approach to accessibility enhances the overall worship experience and promotes a sense of belonging and unity within the community. By removing barriers and embracing diversity, you can better serve and support your members, fostering a stronger and more connected community.

We're the commercial architecture firm that goes the extra mile to ensure your new church is designed to promote a sense of welcoming and belonging for all.

Sustainable Architectural Designs

As a local firm, we're committed to the well-being of our community. With every new project, we seek to contribute to the place we call home with forward-thinking, sustainable design. Our mission as architects is to harness the power of modern green technology and incorporate it into our work, and to your project. We love collaborating with our clients and implementing the use of energy-efficient materials into our blueprints. Ultimately, these earth-friendly initiatives will lower your new build's energy consumption, and in turn, lower your utility bills, too. In-house, we always opt for sustainable practices to lower our environmental impact across the board.

The future of architecture is green. Our seasoned architects masterfully blend views, light, proportion, and orientation to develop naturally beautiful spaces that are good for nature, too.

Meet with Your Local Architect

Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is an established architecture firm specializing in church design and operating in the Dallas area. We forge rock-solid client partnerships and deliver high-quality, forward-thinking, timely services. With interdisciplinary skill and industry-spanning resources, consider us the foremost choice for your next design-build project.

Years of experience working in Dallas has taught us that locals know best. We bring a wealth of experience in design, project planning, and documentation that other firms cannot compete with. We are the local architects of choice for a reason.

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