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Great Sanctuaries are very complex. These are spaces where humanity touches the divine. But also, where technology like visual aids, good acoustics, sound systems, camera, video, and lights all come together in an environment that must be warm, spiritually stimulating, and in touch both with our past and our present.

We have helped design great sanctuaries of all sizes and for all worship types. We specialize in warm inviting spaces with great acoustics for the spoken word singing and music in which technology is sensitively used for great effect.

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Sanctuaries: How Interior Design Plays An Important Role In Supporting Your Community

The interior design of a sanctuary extends beyond aesthetic appeal. It plays a pivotal role in fostering a sense of community and belonging. Thoughtfully designed spaces influence emotions and behaviors, encouraging unity and participation. We know that considerations like the arrangement of seating can either promote interaction or isolation among congregants.

Lighting is another critical element of sanctuary construction. Soft, warm lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere that draws people in, while strategic spotlighting highlights areas of importance, like the altar or pulpit. Our designers understand that acoustics also contribute to the shared experience. When well-planned, they ensure messages are conveyed to facilitate clear communication and contemplation.

You can count on us to help you plan for accessibility features that foster inclusivity and allow individuals of all abilities to participate fully. Sanctuary interior design isn’t just about creating a space that looks inviting. It’s about crafting an environment that actively supports the gathering, comfort, and cooperative spirit of the community it serves.

Let us help you make your vision a reality. Connect with our architectural planning specialists to learn more about what makes us the preferred choice for helping you create a blueprint that best supports your congregation’s goals.

Understanding the Importance of Sanctuary Design

A sanctuary is more than just a space to gather with our spiritual communities. It can be a space where we can feel a higher power and become more knowledgeable and enlightened.

By combining design elements of the past with stunning modern amenities, we can construct a sanctuary that is transformational in the way that we share our faith and grow together. The expert builders at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects can do just that.

Whether you are interested in building a large, grand sanctuary to welcome hundreds to worship, or if your project is smaller and more intimate, our highly experienced designers will work to make your unique vision a reality.

We can help with:

  • Chancel design
  • Altar design
  • Interior architecture
  • Exterior architecture
  • Consultation services
  • Project bidding

We provide complete design solutions for sanctuaries of all sizes and sorts. To learn all that we can do for you and your congregation, don’t hesitate to contact us today.


Choosing the ideal church layout is a decision of profound significance. It’s one that shapes the worship experience for years to come. Our architects have a specialized blend of expertise, creativity, and reverence for the sacred task at hand. They hold a nuanced understanding of how spatial dynamics influence worship, fellowship, and community engagement.

With a portfolio enriched by a variety of worship building design projects, we’re well-versed in the architectural lexicon of many sacred spaces, ranging from intimate chapels to grand cathedrals. Our team is equipped with the latest knowledge in sustainable practices, acoustics, lighting, and accessibility to make sure your church meets aesthetic and functional criteria and adheres to modern construction standards.

Trusting our architects means investing in a sanctuary design that’s timeless and tailored to the unique spirit and requirements of your congregation. Don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about our services.


When you build accessibility into your church design, you give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in religious services and community events. It’s also a matter of legal compliance. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requires public buildings to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This includes provisions for parking, entrances, restrooms, and seating arrangements.

Designing churches to be accessible demonstrates a commitment to serving the requirements of the entire congregation, which can include:

  • Elderly members
  • Those with temporary injuries
  • Parents with strollers
  • Others who benefit from accessible features

From a community perspective, an accessible church becomes a hub of support and activity for people of all abilities, often offering a sense of belonging and community that can have significant positive psychological and social effects.

We’re deeply familiar with creating accessible spaces. Count on us to guide you through choosing design features that offer easy access to all.

Sanctuary Architectural Design Consultations

When it comes to designing a sanctuary, our team knows that every client has a unique vision. That is why we always begin our services by conducting a detailed consultation.

During the consultation, we will:

  • Survey the project area, and take measurements
  • Gain an understanding of the style goals and any necessary design elements
  • Determine how the space will be used
  • The budget for the project
  • The timeline for the project

Our highly experienced architectural designers will work with you to incorporate your custom design concepts into a blueprint bringing your concept to fruition. As architects, we work closely with each client to ensure our designs meet their precise specifications, as well as the needs of their congregation. Give us your ideas—lend us your vision—and we’ll bring both to life.

Tailored Sanctuary Designs, Robust Customer Support

We believe in empowering our clients through personalized service and tailored designs. As sanctuary designers, we want every one of our projects to reflect the client’s needs and wants. With that in mind, we provide robust client services to ensure our services meet your expectations.

We provide in-depth consultation and design services to help you develop your ideas and bring them to life. From the initial planning to the final unveiling, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your sanctuary is built your way—and that you stay satisfied with our services.

Design development is a critical phase in any architectural project, and we take every precaution to make sure it proceeds successfully. To learn more about our process, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Comprehensive Planning and Modeling

We like to keep our clients informed and up to date. That’s why we offer comprehensive planning and modeling services: so, you can get a better idea of how we can realize your vision. We offer state-of-the-art 3D modeling, fully rendered to let you review every aspect of the design. You can provide us with feedback, and we can make alterations as you please. What’s more, our 3D models work as a powerful presentation tool, allowing you to showcase the project to key stakeholders, community members, and more.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Sanctuary Design

When it comes to building a gathering place for a spiritual community, nothing is more important than the safety of the structure itself. You can trust our architects to design a blueprint that is not only beautiful, but that meets all municipal building codes and is completely safe and sturdy. We follow strict planning and safety procedures, and we work in close coordination with contractors to confirm that our sanctuary designs are executable.

Sanctuary spaces should be timeless, built to withstand the test of time, and enjoyed by generations for years into the future. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, this is our ultimate goal. We ensure that our designs are sustainable and structurally sound. They’re built to serve as an everlasting monument: a testament to your congregation’s strength and resolve.

An Experienced Sanctuary Design Architect

We are North Texas’s foremost sanctuary design architect. We combine over 70 years of experience with a passion for our craft. We develop masterful projects that bring communities together through artistry and vision.

On every design project, we strive to elevate individual experiences by harmonizing the material with the spiritual. We strive to create spaces that are not only elegant and immaculate, but also functional, providing ample space for congregations and community events. Every project is a testament to our skill as architects, our experience as designers, and our unwavering respect for the sacred.

Get a Quote for Sanctuary Building

Not only will our experts provide you with a detailed blueprint for your sanctuary design, but we are also happy to come up with a detailed estimate outlining the total cost of the project, including materials and labor.

The exact cost of the project will be determined depending on what contractors you choose to hire, but with our knowledge and expertise, we can give you a general idea of how much you should be willing to spend. Our team works with diligence and meticulousness to ensure our quotes are 100% accurate. We take all prerequisites and considerations into account, giving you a thoroughgoing assessment for the cost of your project. With our help, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on your investment.

A Concentration on Church Architecture

Our firm's history is rooted in church architecture. Even when we first opened our doors in 1946, our early work was primarily concentrated in the religious sector. Local churches and places of worship came to us with design projects, and we quickly realized our affinity for the work. Over the years, we garnered attention near and far as more and more church congregations sought us out for architectural support.

In 1991, we decided to make our niche specialization official. We named sanctuary design our firm's primary concentration.

Our staff love working on church projects. With a resume spanning decades, we feel privileged to have played a small role in creating these sacred spaces where community members gather and worship together.

Some examples of our other areas of expertise apart from sanctuary design include:

  • Chapel design
  • Nursery spaces
  • Youth wings
  • Audio-visual design
  • Gathering spaces
  • Administration spaces
  • And more

Our architects understand the importance of getting things just right—your sanctuary should reflect the values and history of your church while simultaneously offering versatility for your ministry's everyday needs.

As one of the oldest church design firms in the area, we've built a portfolio of 390+ projects. We invite you to explore our gallery page to view just a sampling of the churches we've completed in the past.

A Long-Term Architectural Focus

As a small firm, we're committed to design excellence that serves not only your needs in the here-and-now, but long-term as well. As forward-thinkers, we strive to develop building plans that facilitate church growth. As you expand your ministry, your church building will remain conducive to your evolving needs year after year.

How do we predict the future, you ask? With a long-term Master Plan. Every project we work on has one. We believe that's why our work stands out from the rest. We concern ourselves with the finer details and the grand-scheme goals. With extensive planning and in-depth consultations, we delve deep into the unique characteristics of your church. We seek to establish a firm grasp of who you are, what you do, and where you hope to be long-term to design a space that matches.

We've refined our process over decades, and we're proud of the result. We know that when we take on a new project, our client will receive the full benefits of 70+ years of experience.

A Commitment to Sustainability

As a longstanding firm, we've seen many architectural trends come and go. We've also seen many buildings go up and come down. In our ever-changing industry, we've committed ourselves to contribute positively to our community through sustainable design.

Our mission to create sustainable buildings is one in which we are deeply invested. We strive to make every new church an energy-efficient powerhouse of a structure that lowers consumption, reduces waste, and minimizes environmental impact across the board.

Our firm embraces developments in green technology and sustainable design. We've woven these principles and products through our design process, and we'd love to show you how. To inquire about our earth-friendly initiatives, don't hesitate to drop us a line.

Church Sanctuary Design for Projects of All Sizes

No project is too big or small for our versatile sanctuary designers. We gladly take on many different types of church design projects, so you can always feel confident when you come to us. Whether you are looking for someone to help with a new worship stage design or an architect to oversee the construction of a large property, you can never go wrong with the work from Brown, Brown & Associates Architects.

Sanctuary Architecture That Matches Your Budget

We work hard to ensure that we provide all of our services at a reasonable price point. We aim to help those in our community build their ideal place of worship without making any compromises. We have structured our company in such a way that allows our clients to maximize their budget and create something truly remarkable for their congregation.

Sanctuary Architects with a History of Excellence

With many successful sanctuary designs to our name, your decision to invest in our services will always be a good one. We put our full effort and all of our professional resources into every project, so you can always count on receiving the high-quality work that helped us get to where we are today.

Take a Look at Some of Our Completed Sanctuary Projects

In order to reinforce the quality of our work, we have taken the time to create a gallery with some of our completed projects. We invite you to check out our projects page to get a better idea of the dedication we put into our architecture, including many examples of our church and sanctuary designs.

Keep Your Sanctuary Building Project on Track

In addition to our qualified approach to our church designs, we are also skilled project managers that can ensure everything goes smoothly. We will help coordinate the building process and make sure that the final product aligns with the design that we agreed upon. If you are looking to streamline your construction and ensure maximum efficiency, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is the right choice.

Creating a Cohesive Sanctuary Design

Our talents as an architecture firm and our ability to see the full picture make us a great resource for developing a place of worship that matches your vision. We will take all of your design requirements and then apply our professional input to create blueprints that are functional and unified.

A Creative Approach to Sanctuary Design

We are experts at creating classical church designs, modern places of worship, and a hybrid of the two. No matter what you are hoping to achieve through our architectural services, you can count on us to provide an up-to-date approach and offer many design ideas that you may not have considered.

Churches That Are Made to Last

We put a lot of time and consideration into our architectural designs, which allows us to ensure longevity with all of our final results. We encourage the use of high-quality building supplies and make sure that the contractors stay true to our design. With our help, you will be able to create a place of worship that lasts for generations.

Contact Brown, Brown & Associates Architects for Unparalleled Sanctuary Design Services

If you are planning to build a sanctuary, our team of architects is more than happy to help with the design.

Our architects have many years of experience. We know what clients are looking for when it comes to building spaces of worship, and we will work with you closely to create the most impressive design that meets your style and budgetary needs.

For further information, don't hesitate to reach us by phone or email today.