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Brown, Brown & Associates Architects is the leading church architect serving Dallas and the surrounding area. Since opening our doors, we've established a stellar reputation as designers, planners, and service providers, developing innovative solutions that bring together the earthly and divine. We're renowned for our visionary designs and masterful planning work, helping ensure every job goes smoothly. For all your church architectural needs, we're the team to choose.

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Combining the Functional and the Spiritual

Church architecture takes more than a solid understanding of planning and design principles. It takes artistry. It takes passion, vision, and dedication.

It takes a team like Brown, Brown & Associates Architects.

We combine time-tested designs with innovative, cutting-edge solutions. We consider ourselves at the forefront of a tradition that stretches millennia, and we work to elevate every space's form and function.

Great church design should help bridge the material and spiritual. But it should also help build a community. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we consider things like acoustics, aesthetics, sound systems, and other technological implements to ensure every congregation can enjoy a fulfilling, enriching experience, be it in the sanctuary or in community-gathering areas. We take a 360o approach to ensure our designs satisfy all the functional and spiritual purposes a church may have.

Church Designs Tailored to Suit Your Congregation's Needs

We understand that different congregations have different needs. Your parish is your pasture, and you ought to be able to maintain it the way you want.

That's why we tailor our designs to every client who comes our way. Starting with a no-obligation consultation, we'll work closely with you to gauge the scope of your project, define your architectural goals, and flesh out your vision for your space. We'll then develop a detailed design using state-of-the-art modeling technology to develop a fully realized plan for your project. Every step of the way, we take a collaborative approach, keeping in close contact with you to ensure your needs are met. That way, we can be sure we'll achieve no less than your complete satisfaction.

Church Architect with 70+ Years' Experience

With over 70 years of experience in church-specific architecture in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it is safe to say that Brown, Brown & Associates Architects knows a thing or two about designing and creating a place of worship that serves church ministers and congregations alike. Our team possesses a unique ability to design spaces that foster interaction while not compromising the sanctity of such sacred buildings. Unlike certain architecture firms in Dallas who simply see a church as just another building, we at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects know that this is far from the case. Our attention to detail and committed focus to specializing in sacred locations, such as churches, means that we will always go the extra mile to ensure that your church is designed to the highest standard possible.

Meticulous Planning. Seamless Execution.

An architect's job isn't done till the space is ready for occupancy. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we combine tailored design solutions with smart planning, building, and project-management services to ensure the whole project goes without a hitch. We partner with industry-leading contractors, and we stay close at hand throughout every stage of construction to ensure your complete satisfaction. With us, the job always goes smoothly.

We're committed to meeting your needs for quality, efficiency, and affordability. As architects, we'll work closely with you to ensure your project proceeds while staying on time and within your budget. Over the decades we've been in business, we've learned a thing or two about saving our clients time and money. We develop smart, strategic solutions to drive down costs and keep everything within budget without compromising results. We've overseen countless church architectural projects, and each has benefitted from our skill and expertise. We're confident yours will, too.

Extensive Range of Church Architecture

At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, our mission is to cater to the needs and requirements of all our clients in an inclusive and holistic fashion—your input is very important to us. So, whether you are a pastor or a member of a church group, our goal is the same: creating the perfect space for your religious family to grow and share together. As well as churches, our architectural services also include:

  • Design and creation of new sanctuaries
  • New Christian education buildings
  • Family life centers
  • Expansions to any existing facilities

Church design and other religious architecture should always reflect the congregation and give off a warm and inspiring energy to welcome in new members. Without a doubt the best way to achieve this is by investing in experienced church architects.


One of the biggest misconceptions that we at Brown, Brown & Associate Architects encounter when it comes to designing small churches is the misguided belief that the design of this sacred space needs to be functional and little else. This thought process couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality of the situation is that even the smallest of churches can have amazing designs that can enhance their place of worship. Another point to remember when it comes to design for small churches is that the average attendance in North America is approximately 200 people. So, if your congregation is slightly below this figure then do not panic, the reality is that you are most likely in the majority. Three tips that we at Brown, Brown & Associate Architects use to improve smaller-sized churches are as follows:

  1. The Importance of Lighting: There is little doubt about it, the lights that adorn your church’s stage will last for decades. It is for this reason that we encourage all our pastors and church groups to prioritize lighting above all else when it comes to your budget. Honestly, take it from us, if you’re a small church looking to design a stage that will last for years on a smaller budget then lights should be placed above all else.
  2. Coroplast is Key: When we are designing stages for small churches, and big ones, we use coroplast. Its inexpensive nature, combined with flexible and adaptable characteristics make it the perfect choice for churches of all shapes and sizes. The malleability of coroplast means that it can be shaped and lit for multiple looks that will create a sacred place of celebration and worship for your church.
  3. Don’t Forget About PVC Pipes: Not dissimilar to coroplast, PVC pipes are inexpensive and great receivers of light. This means that we can color it and configure it so it best meets your specific requirements.
  4. Youth Rooms: For many years, the unfortunate reality of the situation is that when it came to the interior planning and design of small churches in the Dallas areas, youth rooms were often little more than an afterthought. Thankfully, that trend is now a thing of the past and architects are paying more and more attention to this crucial room. As one of the pioneers of designing youth rooms that enhance rather than detract from a church, we at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects are very pleased with this development. So, instead of fitting your youth room with cast-off couches and chairs, all our youth rooms are designed with teens in mind. And given the speed at which teen trends change, it should come as no surprise that this is the room that should be maintained and upgraded most frequently. When it comes to our youth rooms, our number one goal is to create spaces where teens attending your church can feel engaged and stimulated. It is for that reason that we always use bright colors and expansive designs.
  5. Function: This will probably not come as a surprise, but it is important to reiterate the point that the design of a church is a reflection of the wider functions of the belief system that your church follows. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we can work on churches of all types. So, if you are looking to design and build a Catholic church, then the building’s footprint will often resemble a cross. On top of that, a Catholic church will generally be taller so as to draw the worshipper’s attention to heaven. What most people don’t realize is that even a small Catholic church will generally be taller than it is wide. By contrast, a small Protestant or Baptist sanctuary or church will often consist of little more than a basic single room with far less ornamentation. This reflects the wider belief system in the Protestant faith that the church is simply a place to gather. And we have designed small churches that double as a school or community center when it is not being used to worship.
  6. Sanctuary: Perhaps the most unique aspect of any individual church comes in the shape of the sanctuary. Depending on the specifics on the nature of the church, requirements may differ. For instance, some churches require a balcony to be set aside for the minister, priest or pastor, or maybe even the organist. While others are keen to maintain a raised altar, others are content with a speaking podium that’s at the same level of the pews. On top of that, ceiling height is also a factor that needs to be taken into consideration. When designing a sanctuary, at Brown, Brown & Associates Architects, we approach every design with a thorough understanding of what should be expected, and it is important that a consensus is reached by all involved parties before signing off on the design plans.

In conclusion, the take-away point that we advise all the small churches that we work with is to prioritize lighting above all else and, where possible, to work with adaptable and inexpensive materials that can further enhance this vital resource.

Don’t Make These Five Mistakes!

On any large design and build project there are a lot of mistakes that could be made, and church design is no different. Over the years as specialists in church architecture we’ve been able to take note of five key mistakes we see our clients make over and over again.

  1. Under-Budgeting When you work with Brown, Brown & Associates you won’t have to worry about this problem but for many of our clients who start off confident about their own budget without plans for outside assistance are doomed to failure. The most important thing to keep in mind is future maintenance. You’re not just building and then that’s it, you’re going to have to care for this structure for many years down the road.
  2. Under-Scheduling While we’re not in medieval Europe anymore taking decades to construct a church, the church design and church building process is still a lengthy one. When we discuss your plans scheduling will be a big focus. Full church or expansion, we always advise not to be too strict about an end date. No matter how meticulously we schedule, there can always be unexpected problems.
  3. Over-Reaching It’s easy to think of all the impressive church architecture there is in the world and want to emulate that, but unfortunately that isn’t always possible. If you’re constructing a church or church expansion in Dallas it’s best to see what you can accomplish with your budget rather than pushing it.
  4. Involving Too Many People The saying is right about too many cooks in the kitchen. We understand that your church houses a community but unfortunately that doesn’t mean everyone can have a say. It can be easy to get caught up in all the ideas everyone in your congregation has but the key is to listen, take in the best ideas, and know when to say no.
  5. The Pastor’s Word is Law This one is tough considering the Pastor is the head of your church. But while they should very much be involved in the vision of your church or addition, they should not be at the helm of bringing that vision into reality. Construct a committee, and work closely with Brown, Brown & Associates to get your church building constructed on time and within budget.

As expected, there’s a lot that goes into church architecture. Far beyond your church layout and church altar design there are hundreds of details that need to be considered. With Brown, Brown & Associates we’ll take charge of those details to leave you with a highly successful, updated church!

Our Vision Matches Yours

As a third generation church architecture firm in Dallas, our vision is very much informed by our Christian faith. The growth and expansion of our service since we first opened our doors is testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients’ vision for their churches. We know that the mission of your church is directly affected by the environment where the message is delivered. That is why we use our specialized experience to consider everything you say to get to the core of your church’s Christian message and enhance what you wish to achieve.

Traditional and Modern Church Designs

As any architect will tell you, the four most important parts of any building design are space, line, light and sound. This is particularly true when designing churches. At Brown, Brown & Associates Architects we use our wealth of experience to deliver both traditional and modern designs. Depending on the size, space and scope of your plot or existing property, our team of architectures will work closely with you to ensure that all features that you desire are enhanced through either a traditional or modern option. The best chapels and churches find the perfect balance of intimacy and space. At Brown, Brown & Associate Architects, we use our years of experience to find the perfect design that will add energy to your church. By doing so we can create a space that is as ideal for happy ceremonies such as weddings as it is for somber occasions such as funerals.


There are plenty of very skilled and hardworking architects in the Dallas area. You might meet with them, be very impressed with their proposals but do they have the experience necessary to build your church? Building churches presents unique challenges not found in the typical design of buildings. This is something our firm has learned in our generations of designing churches all over the Dallas area.

When we are designing a church, we work closely with clients. A successful church design cannot be achieved if it’s not done in collaboration with the owners. After all, to create a satisfying design, our church architects need to understand how people interact with and experience your services. But it doesn’t end there. We also need to understand who is going to be using the space when it’s complete—what are the demographics of your church’s community and what type of amenities should be included to maximize their spiritual experience when they attend your church?

Working in conjunction with our clients allows us to accomplish this. Our goal is to use our years of experience as church architects to create a place of worship that stays true to your church’s values, style, culture and community. In other words, we can’t come in with preconceived notions of how you will be using the completed structure. It’s our job collaborate with you, the engineers and the construction professionals for a better final result, minimal construction conflicts, less time wasted and the overall success of the project.

While we take the main sanctuaries and ministry spaces very seriously, we can also work together to make your church a destination by adding:

  • Children’s facilities with age appropriate themes
  • Youth facilities
  • Coffee shop
  • Bookstores
  • Interior design
  • Stage design
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Education spaces

Once we know all the ways your church serves, or plans to serve, the community, we can incorporate it into our design. The Brown, Brown & Associates Architects team doesn’t believe in chasing trends because we want your design to stand the test of time. So, if you are hoping to remodel an existing or build a brand-new church, trust the most experienced and qualified church architects in the Dallas area.

Whenever you are ready to work with the best church architecture firm in Dallas, just call (972) 235-8379. We are always ready to spread your gospel by approaching every project with a blank slate. We want to hear your ideas and goals and then it’s up to us to realize them. And thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we are firm believers in our ability to bring them to life. If you have any questions or concerns, our phone lines are always open and our team is ready to show you just how committed we are to consistent, clear communication. Our commitment to communication has enabled the success of many different projects and we can’t wait to add your parish’s name to the list. So, call us today.

Contact the Church Architects You Can Trust

When it comes to church architecture trusting the architecture firm you are working with is perhaps the most important step required in designing a place of worship that will stand the test of time. Churches last generations—to ensure that your place of worship stands the test of time, be sure to invest in an architecture service that has a track record for delivering in Dallas. Our committed approach to church design is only surpassed be our desire to provide the most consultative and inclusive service to all our clients. For us good is simply not good enough, that is why with us in charge of your church design and architecture, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible result for your congregation.