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Brown, Brown & Associates Architects has been in business for nearly 70 years. This company was originally founded in 1946 by John Hall Brown as a general architecture and design firm. The first church designed and built by the company was First Christian Church of Plano, Texas. This project was so successful that our reputation spread through word of mouth, and other church groups began to seek us out.

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Our name changed to Brown & Brown in the 1980s when John Hall Brown Jr. joined the firm. At this time, the bulk of our work was church projects, as we had earned a reputation throughout North Texas for excellence in the field. When J. Hardy Brown, the founder’s grandson, joined the firm in 1991, we made the decision to focus exclusively on designing and building churches. John Daniel Brown, Hardy's son, has recently joined the firm, which means we now have four generations of expertise in church design.

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“Our mission is based on providing design and architectural solutions that enhance the everyday lives of the organizations and individuals in McKinney. Through our methodical yet creative approach, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects seeks to balance aesthetic considerations with useful function to meet and surpass the objectives of our clients in McKinney. “

- Charles L.

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As a family, the Browns have made a long term investment in this firm and we think that this has been the key to our success in the design and construction of churches, which requires focus and commitment over years or decades. A successful church design needs to look great and fulfill all of the needs of today’s ministry, but it also needs to allow orderly development and expansion as the church grows. Rather than haphazardly building expansions as they become necessary, we create a long term Master Plan for each project. That means that the construction of the church is planned in stages over many years, with the design providing accommodation for expansion from the beginning. These long term plans have enabled us to build relationships with clients in Dallas and throughout North Texas, some as long as 25 years, spanning multiple generations.

Design on this scale requires a long term focus that very few firms can deliver. We limit our number of clients so that we can provide each with the attention that they deserve, and work only in the North Texas area so that we can be hands-on with every single project. If you are planning to build a new church anywhere in Dallas or the surrounding area, Brown, Brown & Associates Architects are your best choice.

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